A little tip for those who have a salt system and haven’t closed their pool yet…

Salt Chlorinators in Winter

If you didn’t know, you may be surprised to know that salt systems don’t produce chlorine when the water temperature gets too cold. It’s not that they can’t, but it’s very inefficient, and strains the salt cell. For this reason, many manufacturers have a fault built-in, to shut off the chlorine production at water temperatures below 60°.

pool chlorine types, pool chlorine tablets or trichlor tabsSo, what’s a salt pool owner to do? Use other forms of chlorine, the best being 3″ chlorine tablets, used in a chlorinator or in a floater. You may also want to use some shock in the pool during winter, using Cal Hypo, or Di Chlor, which is stabilized, to last longer in an uncovered pool.

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