May is National Water Safety Month

Red Cross - Water Safety Tips

Swimming is a great workout

The body-shaping benefits of swimming workouts are the result of a perfect storm of calorie burn and muscle recruitment. An easy swim burns around 500 calories an hour, while a vigorous effort can torch almost 700. And because water is nearly 800 times denser than air, each kick, push, and pull is like a mini resistance workout for your entire body—especially your core, hips, arms, shoulders, and glutes. So in addition to blasting calories as you swim, you build lean muscle, which ignites your metabolism so that you burn more calories once you’ve showered and dried off.

Getting ready for the swimming season…

If you are preparing for the pool season, here are a few tips you should keep handy:

Inspect your ladders and handrails, diving board, and pool slide. Look for visible cracks or damage to these items. Ensure the mounting equipment is in good condition, and if you are installing these items make sure the hardware is tightened. Check for loose hardware and replace if necessary.

Small backyard? No problem!!

Thinking about sprucing up your outdoor living space?  Do you have a desire to make your backyard an oasis, but you feel you are limited because you have limited space?  No problem!  There are many swimming pool ideas that can provide you with the outdoor enjoyment you desire.

Taking the size and shape of your backyard into consideration, a swimming pool can be customized to fit your space.  You can customize lighting options to enhance the ambiance of your pool.  Adding water features can increase the aesthetic as well.

If you plan correctly, you can fit a small pool into your backyard!

Staring out at your backyard covered in snow and dreaming about summer?

It is that time of year.  The bitter cold has set in and the snow is falling.  New England is blanketed with over 100 inches of snow, and here on Long Island we are in a deep freeze with snow piles at every turn.  It’s February. It’s cold.

If you are like the rest of us, you are most likely dreaming of Spring and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Summer.  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Personally, I can not wait for Summer to arrive.

Perhaps you are looking out at your snow covered backyard and thinking “I really can’t wait to get back there, be outside, barbecue and just enjoy the outdoors” and possibly thinking “a pool would be fantastic in my backyard.”  That is where I come in!

We have the ability to help you take your backyard dreams and bring them to fruition.  Come in to our store, speak to us and let us help you design the backyard oasis you want.

Winter is the perfect time to start designing your pool, spa and patio.

Snow on your winter cover? Get it off!!


If you live in a region where you winterize your pool and get snow on your winter cover, it is rather important to get the snow off of your cover as soon as possible.

Let me tell you why…

If you have an above ground pool, the accumulation of snow on your pool will gravitate toward the center of the pool and can pull the pool walls in, potentially causing damage to the top rail and walls of your pool. It can also cause damage to your cover.

If you have an inground pool, the accumulating snow will weigh down your cover, causing it to stretch, possibly beyond the point of repair. If you have a safety cover, the snow weight could cause stress on the cover and pull the anchors out of your decking or rip out your coping.

The idea is to get the snow off your pool cover to the best of your ability in order to avoid damaging your pool and pool cover. Use a broom to sweep the snow off the cover. DO NOT use a shovel, as this can cause damage to the cover by putting holes in the cover. A long handle broom or a leaf blower will work just fine.

Benefits of Hot Tub Use

People have used hot tubs of one kind or another for thousands of years to relieve aches and pains and to benefit health.
Hot tubs provide relaxation and soothe aching muscles. The term “spa” is associated with treatment by water. The earliest descriptions of western bathing practices come from Greece, where people regularly bathed using regimens that form the foundation for modern spa procedures. In Greek mythology, it was believed that the natural springs and tidal pools were blessed by gods and cured a range of diseases. Although today´s  hot tubs do not cure diseases, they can benefit users in many other ways.

1.Muscle pain relief
Muscular pain relief is one of the benefits of using a hot tub, and the water has the same effect that a hot pack would have on a sore muscle. Warm water engulfs the body and looses muscle tightness. Pressurised water from wall jets apply more direct pressure to a tense or painful muscle. Stretching or mild exercise in the hot tub will also improve flexibility.

2.Arthritis relief
Water makes the body buoyant and allows free movement of the joints with up to 90% less weight when the body is immersed in water. Once stress has been removed from the joints the body can move freely without the pain often associated with arthritis.

3.Better blood flow
Hot tubs help cause the dilation of blood vessels, which in turn increases the blood flow throughout the body. This delivers oxygen and enzymes to the site of the ache, reducing any pain.

People who relax in a hot tub for 15-20 minutes before bed time are more likely to enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep. Warm water massage can stimulate your body to release endorphins and these endorphins help reduce stress.

5.Joint Pain
Once an injury occurs in the human body, blood flow is automatically increased to the injured area. This causes swelling at the joint which in turn causes pain. Warm water in a hot tub will dilate the blood vessels to relieve painful symptoms.

6.Weight loss
Hot tubs can help accelerate weight loss when used regularly (around 30 minutes per day for three weeks at a time).

7.General well-being
People who use hot tubs and spa facilities regularly enjoy a feeling of rejuvenation, and relaxation that only hydrotherapy can bring. Spa treatments are good for the mind and the soul, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Pressure jets in a hot tub can relieve and prevent headaches from occurring, as they reduce stress and promote relaxation.

9.Poor circulation
The warm water in spas and hot tubs opens up the blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure. This in turn eases blood flow and improves circulation, plus stimulates nerves to boost the immune system.

10.Chronic Pain relief
Hot tub therapy can help people suffering chronic pain by massaging pressure points in the body where pain is at its worse.

A little tip for those who have a salt system and haven’t closed their pool yet…

Salt Chlorinators in Winter

If you didn’t know, you may be surprised to know that salt systems don’t produce chlorine when the water temperature gets too cold. It’s not that they can’t, but it’s very inefficient, and strains the salt cell. For this reason, many manufacturers have a fault built-in, to shut off the chlorine production at water temperatures below 60°.

pool chlorine types, pool chlorine tablets or trichlor tabsSo, what’s a salt pool owner to do? Use other forms of chlorine, the best being 3″ chlorine tablets, used in a chlorinator or in a floater. You may also want to use some shock in the pool during winter, using Cal Hypo, or Di Chlor, which is stabilized, to last longer in an uncovered pool.

Planning for next year’s pool service

The cooler climate is officially here and it’s time to welcome the autumn weather. By now, a number of you have already closed your pools for the swimming season and are already looking forward to upgrading your pool system in time for the next summer. Make sure to keep these tips in mind when shopping around for your next backyard swimming pool upgrade:
• When hunting for new pool products, make sure that each individual product works well with the others. For example, you wouldn’t want to buy a smaller pump for a bigger pool; that just wouldn’t produce the results you are looking for.

• Upgrading your pool is always an exciting venture, but don’t forget to consider the weather in your area before you purchase the wrong lining for your pool. Certain pool products work better in hotter or cooler climates so make sure to speak to a qualified pool professional to learn which products best suit your environmental needs.
• Being energy-efficient has never been easier. Take advantage of the fact that you are upgrading your pool, and find energy efficient products. By upgrading your pool products to Energy Star equipment, you can save as much as 90% on your utility bill.
• In addition to local safety codes, keep in mind any other safety features you’d like to add to your swimming pool upgrade. With the advanced technology available to us today, your pool can be fully equipped with covers, alarms, and motion sensors to prevent accidents from occurring.
Most importantly, make sure you are designing the pool of your dreams. If a waterfall feature is what you really want, go for it!
Contact us to discuss making your pool dreams a reality!!

Storing Chemicals in the Off Season

If you have decided to close your pool for the season until next year, make sure to properly store all your swimming pool chemicals away safely. The proper storing of these chemicals is important for two main reasons:

• The safety for yourself and your family
• The effectiveness of your chemicals for the following pool season
Every chemical manufacturer has specific storing instructions, effectiveness dates, or sell-by dates for each of their products. Make sure to pay attention to these labels on each of your chemical bottles. This not only goes for pool related chemicals, but for other household items such as cleaners or combustible items. Particular attention should be made to all chemical products so that items that should not be stored together are stored separately. If for any reason you cannot find the storing instructions for your chemicals or if you are unsure about certain chemicals being close together, call and speak to a representative that could assist. The option of visiting the manufacturer’s website is available to you as well.
You should always keep chemicals in its original purchasing container unless instructed to do otherwise by the manufacturer. The reasoning behind this is the ability to keep warning, storing and ingredient instructions and information with said chemicals. So no matter how much you want to change the container because you want to save space, we would strongly advise against it. Something else you should avoid when dealing with dangerous chemicals is the avoidance of mixing chemicals. Although the products end up in the same pool, that does not give you the okay to mix them in the same container for storage purposes. Anything from an explosion to flames can occur with such a small action. Make sure to keep each individual chemical in a separate container from the other when storing.
Every chemical manufacturer documents a proper disposal method of their chemicals and the containers in which they reside. You would typically find it listed on the container itself or a number for directions would be included somewhere in the labels. Never pour these chemicals down the drain or dispose of anywhere on or near your property.